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Uniting Worlds


Olive Retreat

Yoga, Ayurveda and modern science serve as the base of our Body & Mind Detox retreats offered in southern Spain. Over the winter months we re-orient to Khao Tao to work with the local business to stimulate creativity and healthy living.

Khao Tao Fabrics

Since 1964 His Majesty the King’s project Khao Tao Fabrics offers the most amazing hand woven cotton and silk fabrics to individuals and larger organizations around the world.

HOK Kreations

A resource for artists and aspiring social activists who wish to turn suffering into tangible acts of hope and peaceful social activism.

Art & Imagination

Art and creativity heal the soul. At Lotushead Gallery you can stimulate all the senses through yours and others’ creativity.

Joom’s Naturals

Through ancient recipes and from the best Thai ingredients Joom offers skin care and cosmetics.

Stay in Khao Tao

We have a beautiful a camp site near the beach, where nature is protected at its finest, but we also arrange a variety of different options, from the most local to the most starred.

Business Development

Helping businesses develop strategically in both domestic and international markets is our speciality.

Khao Tao Customs

Soon as we can we’ll be releasing a series of custom scooters as part of our art and o-imagination initiative.


Developing Products & Services in Khao Tao
Let us help you with whatever you might need, or want, to achieve

As the world evolves and things continue to change more and more rapidly, we must see beyond existing forms into the possibilities that may emerge. This requires a certain amount of courage and as well as a willingness to relieve ourselves of the burden formality and convention have laid upon is. At Khao Tao Group we only assume one thing, that whatever change is required of us, we can make it, and make our customers happy in the process. We are here for you, whatever that may require.

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A Truly Inspired Team of Dedicated People
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General Manager
With a smile on her face and a lot of energy behind her, Joom keeps us alert and excited about opportunities.
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Steady, stable and always on time. Pnoi ensures we understand why we are doing what we do, and what why we do is important.
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Lead Weaver
Nobody can put a piece of cotton together like Bew, and as quickly and perfectly. Watching him weave is poetry.
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Ni keeps the colors flowing and the patterns alive, even on the hottest afternoon.

Cristina Azcarate

International Business Development Manager.


Thai Ultimate Chef.


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